Luigi Loir

Luigi Loir and the birth of the advertisment

Advertising, the ephemeral art, should captivate, convince and make one dream. It played an important role in society at the end of the 20th century. It materialised the main socio-cultural trends of the time and gave concrete expression to the technical innovations in printing.

1789 à 1807 :


Freedom of the press. 
Trade and industry are freed from corporative ties.   
The right to competition is acknowledged.

1824 :

Law to protect the name of a business. Beginnings of advertising signs.

1840-1850 :


Rapid development of the illustrated book with a large print run and accompanied by lithographs.
Invention of the colour lithograph.
Morris columns begin their appearance.
Société générale des annonces is created. The first company to deal in advertising brokerage.
1852-1856 :Opening of the following department stores : "Le Bon Marche" - "le Louvre" - le "Bazar de l'Hôtel de Ville".
1860Félix Potin opens the first hypermarket grocery on Boulevard Sebastopol in Paris.
1865Opening of “Printemps” department store.
1866-1867 :
First poster by Jules Chéret who ran his own printing house specialising in printing large illustrated colour posters.
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