Luigi Loir

Luigi Loir painting Paris

From the fall of the Empire in 1870 until 1914, the new economic exposition generated a period of pleasure and “joie de vivre”.
Paris was humming with action and its source of happiness became myth.

Paris was living in the opulence of the “Belle Epoque”. Directed by Baron Haussmann and the landscape architect, Alphand, the boulevards, parks and buildings were demolished, restored, rebuilt, constructed…

The new face of Paris appeared amidst a fever of novelty. The economy was flourishing and a myriad new places to live it up opened their doors: The Moulin Rouge, the dance halls, theatres, cafés…

The bottom of the “butte” teemed with cabarets and shows from where artists such as Toulouse Lautrec, Valadon, Maurice Denis, Luigi Loir drew their inspiration.

In the world of fashion, designs overflowed with audacity. Department stores were packed with innovation. Emile Zola named them the “Cathedrals of commerce”.
The Expositions Universelles exploited all this impertinence. The food trade was enriched with new produce. Society was entering the new era of consumption…

It was in this context that Luigi Loir evolved, using his talent to serve the society of the ‘Belle Epoque”.

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